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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of every consumer. Therefore, to protect each customer, we yield this policy, explaining what information we may collect. There are some customer preferences you can select to arrange how you want your data filed or handled in the future.

This privacy policy is available so customers know why we may request confidential data with orders and purchases.

Information We Gather

This section refers to what data the customer must provide and what information we collect. This information will include:


E-mail address 

following payment fulfillment and processing.

For gift certificate transactions, you may need to supply details regarding other people. For example, if you purchase an online gift certificate for another person, we send it directly to the recipient's e-mail address. Therefore, we will need to provide certain personal information this includes:

Recipient Name 

Recipient E-mail Address 

Recipient Phone Number 

How We Use Data

The only information we use to complete every order is the information that you provide. We NEVER share your personal data with external parties; except, when you request us to do so for gift orders that go to the recipient of your choice.

The information we use to complete every gift order is the recipient data that you provide for shipment and delivery. We NEVER share their personal data with external parties; except, when the customer has special requests to do so.

We use the e-mail addresses provided to address and respond to any e-mails we receive. We NEVER share e-mail addresses or private data with outside parties. You may select to opt-out of some selections when the option is available.

Our Privacy Promise

We promise to restrict and deter unauthorized interferences of improper data retrieval and to safeguard critical data to our best abilities. We want you to feel protected and to know we practice safe browsing and use secure storage methods that way, we retain and shield the information we collect over time.

We NEVER sell, use, or distribute any private information without consent.

Privacy Regarding Children

We want to protect the privacy of all children and best assure the safety of minors. To do so, we NEVER save, obtain, or utilize information on our website to from anyone under the age of 18 years old. Customers using our e-commerce store to make purchases should be at least 18 years old. 

Contact Our Staff

Should you have any inquiries or issues about this privacy policy, you can call us at (941) 286-2981, or e-mail us at